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When Anthony Gallagher arrived in Seattle, he could hardly wait to see his trustworthy boyfriend, Jake Miller, after having waited six months since their last visit. Little did he know, Jake was about to propose marriage to him! There was only one complication: Anthony’s new fiancé had another sixteen months to go before being released from prison.

At first, Anthony fantasized about what married life would be like once Jake was free, making initial plans for a small wedding ceremony and casually looking at real estate for the couple to purchase. Once the marriage was officially recorded, the power dynamics shifted and Jake began to call all the shots.

By the time Jake was released, Anthony had fully lost control and had adopted Jake’s intoxicating confidence and his dangerous attitudes about crime and the law. Anthony would do anything for Jake, even if it came to risking prison himself. But, Jake had a dark, painful secret that could undo their marriage and their world if Anthony ever found out…

Trustworthy front cover